This Thing: The Oppositelock Review

Well, less a review and more a collection of random thoughts about it. An actual review is more effort than this car really deserves.

First impressions: it’s pink. Good god, it’s pink. Why is it pink.


Exterior: it has like one good angle that’s about it. Still haven’t found that good angle yet but it’s gotta have one, right?

Interior: It’s fine. Surprisingly roomy. The piano black bezel around the screen feels flimsy but otherwise everything seems well put together. I like the motorcycle gauge cluster.

This is like the Great Value brand of door card.

Engine: it has one. Makes the car go. Honestly it’s too meh for me to even bother switching tabs to wikipedia while writing this to find out what’s in this thing.


Transmission: what the hell does “I” mean?!

Driving impressions: Power steering is way too boosted. Probably don’t even need it in a car this size. Handling is not confidence inspiring. Feels like it’s going to fall over even driving straight at 5mph.


Sound: I didn’t know you could still get a car with a four speaker sound system. Sounds like there’s a cheap stereo in the room adjacent to the one you’re sitting in.


Why is this peeling the car only has 44k miles


The mirrors are half as large as they need to be, they’re shaped too stupidly to be useful, and they look like they were hacked into the quarter windows as an afterthought when some designer realized they forgot to include them.

Final Score: this is the Britta Perry of cars.

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