You wrote other day, how Volkswagen fails at making a car that’s the equivalent of the original Beetle, today. Well, good news, I think I found the vehicle fitting your description. However, there’s a catch: you can’t have it.

When I read in that article how Volkswagen being very good at designing appliances means they are really bad at making fun cars, I had to smile to myself, because I couldn’t agree more. This is exactly what my problem was with most of their offerings I drove over the years. However, right when your piece saw the light of day, I was driving something, that was also brand new, was powered by a frugal diesel engine, had a manual transmission, but, and this is important, even though completely modern, it had loads of faults and was quirky in a funny, but very usable way. Of course you all know by now that I am talking about the Citroën C4 Cactus.

I wanted to do an Enlish speaking video review for the longest time. And when I had the Cactus, every star that needed to align for this, aligned, and we made a film. So now allow me to explain, why I think the Cactus is a great bad car, on video, in person.

So there you have it. When you compare the Cactus to the similarly sized Jeep Renegade, it’ll be second best in most categories, range maybe the only exception. However, just as the original Beetle seemed an inferior car but still robbed millions of hearts, I can completely see someone valuing style and simplicity falling for the Cactus over its rivals, and never looking back. Let’s hope there are enough people like that to make this a viable product, because the world needs quirky and successful Citroëns.