My favorite quote:

Nothing wrong with that, I'm the fastest guy around 99% of the time, so I pass slow moving vehicles consistently. I get a few fingers from DB's who don't understand to stay out of the left lane, and I am forced to pass them on the right. But nobody actually messing with my car.

If you're the fastest guy around 99% of the time, there might be a problem.....

That was in response to this:

I wonder how many people mistake a person as being a hater for doing something to their BMW, when they are actually just an asshole driver themselves? If you ever park in Handicap, park in 2 stalls, don't use turn signals, ride the left lane(passing lane), don't shoulder check, or do one of the many other douchey things asshole drivers do, than there might be good reason for someone messing with your car. I follow the guidelines of respectful and courteous driving, and I have never had anyone mess with my vehicles.