Very cool guy. Crazy cool build. Here’s the short version of the story. Guy works at Midas, owner’s wife’s aunt or somebody dies, and the car is destined for the scrapper, due to a cracked block (mechanic ran it with no coolant in it). Guy buys car. Guy plans to swap a newer BMW 6cyl into it, but then realizes that his engine stand is occupied. By a small block chevy. Guy looks at SBC. Guy look back at BMW. Guy looks back at SBC again, and does the only logical thing in this situation. End up with a 1978 BMW 530i that makes 550hp and 650lb-ft at the WHEELS. He is also, quite curiously, still running the factory rear diff and axle, which is showing no signs of being overworked, to both his, and the local BMW tech’s amazement. He’s put about 20,000 miles on it since the build, which he did with his father, and the car is on its second th400 automatic, although if this one blows, the owner says he will be looking for a muncie 4-speed. Here’s a video of the glorious sound that it makes.

Also; yes that is dryer hose, and yes, that is a 3/8 piece of threaded round stock holding up the water pump, or whatever that thing is. Bottom line, it’s badass.