I will be flying to Houston to pick up my BIL’s WRX wagon to drive back to Oregon. He gave me a killer deal, along with a new gaming rig. (2 x 10 core Xeons and 192 GB of RAM, it’s a step up from my 6 year old 2 x 4 core Xeon and 64GB of RAM) I got a $100 ticket from Southwest so it made it cheaper than transport. It’s going to be an adventure as the WRX has 240k miles on it and piston slap when it’s cold. He knew I had a soft spot for it because I used to own a WRX wagon and used engines are plentiful here. Hopefully it will not end up as my very own Roadkill episode.

I tracked down a friend recently in the area and found out he was laid off in Nov. He’s going to make the trip back with me. We’re going to drive through Vegas because I have never been to Vegas, even though I used to live six hours from it.

Wish us luck

My favorite kind of boxer for your time.