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This Truck Might Not Suck

I’m coming around a bit on Yukon Cornelius. I mean does the truck suck? Sure, it absolutely sucks. It sucks a ton. You can see it suck from space. But there is hope now that it can be made to not suck, and that’s good.

Today my mechanic did a little work on it and got the check engine light to turn off. Whoever was last inside the engine messed up the timing, which set a CEL that basically said the crank and cam sensors couldn’t communicate because the timing was so far off...24 degrees advance at idle. Now its at 4 degrees advance (it calls for 2, 4 is as close as he could get it) and running great.


It was also setting a code for a gas tank pressure sensor, which was unplugged and the pigtail was really corroded. New sensor, new pigtail, no CEL.

The only thing left I need for a RI state inspection is to take the tint off the front windows, which is a thing I wanted to do anyway, and it’ll be good with the state. Its got an ABS light on as well, but it comes and goes and doesn’t seem to effect the ABS itself.

All that said, it still needs some things. The list is basically:


Radio (I’m using a bluetooth speaker right now).

Steering wheel.

4wd doesn’t work.

AC doesn’t work.

I guess I could have spent a few more dollars and gotten a better truck, but then I wouldn’t have gotten a Miata...

California Taco Shop is the fucking truth.

...and if I didn’t get a Miata, I wouldn’t have gotten a second Miata...


...so I guess its worth doing the work on the truck because I get to have Miatas.

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