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This Vice has me listening to Phil Collins

We have here 1 1986 Miami Something Something kit car based off a Corvette.


They want rid of it for 4K with a running motor but not much optimism on that.

Alleged $16k investment..


Researching the Things That Offend Italian Motormakers:

You say, “that front’s wrong’. They put it on there to not infringe That Company.


$1750 for a more correct front end.

Labor, parts. Chevy strata of affordability, with upgrades to make it work.

Now here’s the herring in the soup: The original fake Miami cars ended up in the area.


No, they didn’t blow it up. They blew something up but not the good one.

So good chance this kit was based on that, which Offends Italian Motormakers.

Imagination overwhelming competence and capacity to finish properly. Maybe the parts are in the trunk. The rest of the detailing can be done by expensive original parts or offensive ones.


Given that the cars used on that Miami-based tv show are owned and displayed 40 miles down the road, seems entirely plausible that this is one of the ‘unofficial’ copies, with the weird front so one does not confuse it with racers from Daytona.


Still, a kit. But Non-running examples of the same combo listing for $19,000. .

I should secure a loan or a stiff drink. And a build budget of 10k to get the details right.


Then 30k for the correct sound of prancing horses.

And a CD.

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