One of the most irritating things about being into classic cars is when collectors suddenly deem the a car is collectible, and prices skyrocket. Muscle cars in the US are a good example, and I've watched it happen to the Alfa 1750 GTV within the last few years, but by far the worst culprit here in the UK is the E-Type.

Now, I'd really like an E-Type, but I'm not going to shell out £80,000 for a decent series 1 or 2 convertible. However, the later V12s are cheap as chips compared to the earlier cars, and the 2+2s in particular. That makes what this chap in the video has done especially intriguing.

Yes, it'd be tricky, but probably no moreso than my planned Jaguar AJV8 swap into a Triumph Stag, and not only would I have a convertible E-Type for about half the price (I plan to do the work myself), it'd have Jaguar's silky-smooth V12 as well. Plus, it sounds like a screaming banshee with straight pipes.

A short-wheelbase V12 E-Type roadster, resplendent in Ecurie Ecosse blue. Perfect.