Not bad for 25 years old, 350,000ish miles, and constant abuse. Washed and waxed. Clay barred the hood too. Pictures are of the car dry.

Oh and.... #hottake. The best Audi color is Nardo Grey. And the RS3 is gorgeous (wheels aren’t great tho).


Funny story.... I decided to use a self-service car wash today. I brought a bucket so I could really do a good wash. Yeah, it was kinda busy and I felt bad taking up more time than average, but... Miata desperately needed a deep clean.

So halfway through, a 30-something year old guy in a new 911—girlfriend in the passenger seat—pulls up behind me to wait for the wash bay. Now, I’ve got a bucket out and am clearly taking a while here. The guy watches me washes my car for a good twenty minutes before finally getting out and yelling “detail your car at home you fucking asshole! Get the fuck out of here!”

I considered pointing out that I was in fact not detailing my car... Just washing it. I also briefly considered apologizing for having a higher standard of cleanliness than mister 911.


I decided to just ignore him. Didn’t miss a beat, kept washing at my normal pace. Dude was getting pissed, kept screaming from next to his car until there was a crowd. I think he finally realized I had wireless earbuds in, and assumed he’d been shouting at someone for 5 minutes who couldn’t hear a word he said.

At this point I feel bad.

...for everyone else that the guy is disturbing on one of the nicest days of the past month.


I was hoping he’d either

A) Leave, so peace could resume, or

B) stop yelling from behind his Porsche and try to grab me. I hate *starting* confrontations... But oh man. I might have started grinning maniacally at the thought of him swinging at me. I know, I’m a dick.


Anyways, he kept yelling another minute (I was just finishing my wash and starting to rinse) and then he drove off, revving like crazy and honking at two people who were in his way. I finished up literal minutes after he left, and proceeded to park on the side of the facility so I could clay bar and wax without taking up a bay. If you’re curious, I probably spent about 7 minutes vaccuuming, and then 35 minutes washing the car. Average wash time for everyone else was maybe 20 minutes..?

Fun stuff! That’s when Mr RS3 came over and—assuming I hadn’t heard or noticed the guy yelling at me—proceeded to “fill me in” while laughing hysterically. He showed me his engine (5 cylinder!), talked about his RS3 hatch he had back in Australia, and chatted Miata stuff with me. Cool guy. I need Nardo Grey in my life.


Have a skyline.

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