Wrong! Wroooooong! So wrong!

It was a day of lies, as it actually took *THREE HOURS AND 45 MINUTES* to drive from Baring to Everett. Highway 2 is a fucking parking lot on Sundays (and Weekdays). It took one hour to inch forward two miles in Index.

We pulled over for burgers and shakes in the middle of nowhere. My burger was shit but the shake was excellent (butterscotch!). Fries were goodly. Lot of compliments on the comfort of the Paseo Wagon from my passengers. For long distance cruising, and for rotting in traffic, it really doesn’t get much more relaxing than this thing.

Get out your pitchforks for this one: Not only do I have zero regrets getting an automatic, I daresay it’ll be tough for me to buy a manual again for a DD, especially while I’m still living in this hellhole traffic zone. If I ever need to get my 3-pedal fix, I still have the longbed.