Blacktop Nationals was one of the biggest car shows in Kansas for the past few years. It was held in August and took over part of downtown with cars in the streets, tons of cars displayed inside a convention center, a display of new Fords (there was a new GT two years ago), a Ford driving experience, and even an Autocross supported by the Wichita SCCA.

Last year the show was rescheduled to take place during Riverfest, a large outdoor festival that attracts all of Wichita’s riff raff. No one wants to display their cars at an event with children everywhere watched by irresponsible parents, with strollers and wagons and coolers threatening to do real damage to vehicles on display. The autocross was poorly supported by the event organizers. Ford’s usual Ride and Drive display was limited to the smallest street.

This year it is just terrible. No outdoor display. No autocross. Only a few new Fords, all locked. The cars are only displayed in one hall of the convention center and it’s clear that either all of the spots were taken early by people with mediocre show cars or interest was low due to the Riverfest crowds.

Anyways, here are the lowlights:

How this was ever part of the Million Dollar display is beyond me. That part of the show was always a misnomer but it had some good stuff.


Flexing on race ramps. This made me laugh so hard


*Limited Production Motor Car*
Yes that is a 3.7 badge. Yes this is a 2014 V6 automatic. Yes it is for sale for $22,000.


LAMBO DOORS. At least this had a whipple so it might keep up with my Ecoboost
That trans am was actually kinda neat. I took this picture because I find it hilarious that someone would display a 2006 charger for 2 days inside a convention center



Such a shame to see what this show had become. Easy to see why though: not 2 minutes after I entered the building I saw a man lift the rope for his kid to get a closer look, which involved putting his paws on the door of a yellow Camaro and peeking into the cabin