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This week ABSOLUTELY sucks

Lets start this in order.

Monday - My office was broken into, yet again. They didn’t steal my expensive ass monitor, or anything that I could tell. Probably just looking for something easy to carry and couldn’t find it. Security cameras weren’t of no help. Broke a $250 dollar window out, did some damage to doors that were locked inside the office.

Tuesday - My new bike, was hit in a parking lot. I wasn’t on it. Someone didn’t notice it at the end of the spot. Parked it there purposely to prevent this exact situation. It was hit by some asshole in a white Tundra. Thankfully some REALLY nice lady got it’s plates. I will be pressing any and all charges. My bike is currently at the dealer pending an estimate for repair. Insurance seems to think it’s fixable. Only minor damage from being bumped into, and falling over.


Wednesday (Today) - My newest truck, mind you its a 2017. Decided to crack it’s transfer case. Which is my first time dealing with this. Had 6 of these things over the last few years, and no transfer case issues whatsoever across 400-550k miles. A quick google search said this is evidently common on Cummins equipped 4wd trucks. Sounds like the gear that delivers power the front driveshaft broke, or it’s bearing. It makes a nasty sound when you put it in 4wd and just put it in gear. Luckily it broke in the yard.

According to the website of the closest junkyard, they have 2 but there off a 2500 Ram, and I don’t know off hand if they’ll work. I’d imagine they will, FCA probably made 1 xfer case for all Cummins trucks to save money, regardless of what transmission it’s connected to. The pictures show it’s the same size, look and the info tag has matching numbers to mine.

Anyone know off hand if a 2500 xfer case will work? I’ve got the Aisin in my 5500. IIRC they come standard in the 4500/5500 trucks but are optional on the 25/3500's. Both units say they’re Borg Warner 44-47.


IRL it’s about 1 to 1.5 inches long. As soon as the truck is started, it starts pissing fluid like it’s raining. The red lines on both ends are about the total length of the whole crack. I’m guessing the gear came loose and pushed out on it.

The bitch of it is, its 7647 miles out of warranty. I talked to my local dealer and they’re going to see if they can put it under warranty. They’re seeing if their boss will approve it. If it does, it’s warrantied out and that’s done. If not, I get to go to the junkyard to find a replacement and have it gone through to ensure it’ll last.


3 days into this week and it already blows. Come friday I’ll drink it all away.

TLDR - Had a shitty week, and it only was topped off by the above picture. It’s only wednesday.


Edit : Found 3 different Xfer cases within 300 miles. Highest mileage one has 41k for 850, less than 1k for 550, and 1 with 5k for 1500, but comes with trans.

Ive had transmissions give out due to mileage. Im tempted in the 5k mileage one just for the spare trans.


Welp got the broken one pulled and opened it up to see what failed. Looks like the chain inside rubbed up against the case enough to break.

Tomorrow, going to make a trip and grab a new one.

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