Full suspension bush change, all wheel bearings and coilovers changed on my sister’s MX-5 done.

Bled the oil cooler and sorted some ill-fitting coolant hoses on the X1/9, discovering a water leak in the process.


Oil change, ignition leads, fuel filter, delrin door bushes and a mirror blank plate for my mate’s turbo 5.

Diagnosed the lack of heater fan in the citroen to a transistor on the fan itself, pulled out the front end metal where I dinged it because aforesaid fan failure meant it didn’t defrost the screen. Oh, and an oil change.

Still to do:

Coolant pipes an bleeding on the X1/9, as well as perished fuel rail hose and injector gaskets. Probably a lower mount for the oil cooler too.


Fix transistor on the Citroen, replace front wheel bearings and flush the front suspension struts, and fix anything else I’ve missed.

All by next Monday. With three days taken out for a gig and beer festival.

Yep. It’s going to be tight...