White supremacists, angry pups, accidents, pagoda churches, vistas and tacos. It was a hot and interesting week. This is my weekly article where I document all the awesome, delicious and batshit crazy stuff I see throughout the Valley of the Sun. Enjoy!

The flag of cognitive dissonance

Fuck that guy. How does one even make sense of that flag? Saw a couple of blue pits being used to guard a car lot. They did a little dance for me.

I saw two pretty bad accidents this week. Some genius rolled his BMW over on the Loop 202 just before rush hour on Friday. No pics, but the guy was chilling on the shoulder with blood pouring out of his head waiting for EMS to arrive. Then I rolled up on this guy. Those light poles really pop out of nowhere.


This is one of the craziest looking churches I’ve ever seen. It is some sort of Christian Vietnamese denomination. They have giant dragon statues around front, and signs warning of dogs.

Ended the week with a really nice view of Scottsdale from eastern Phoenix and finished up with some delicious carne asada tacos.