This is the Sacred Heart church in dowtown Phoenix. It was built brick by brick by the residents of the Golden Gate barrio. The Golden Gate barrio was constructed in 1900 and was one of the oldest neighborhoods in Phoenix. About thirty years ago the city forced the residents to move and bulldozed their neighborhood in order to expand the airport. They were able to protect the church, but the City of Phoenix now wants to knock it down and develop the lot.

I don’t see any white kids in khakis and polos out here trying to protect this piece of cultural history. Funny how that works.

Former perishoners have peitioned the city to allow them to be burried at the church in which they were baptized, but they have refused. We have confederate statues standing in fucking Arizona, yet our politicians have no problem demolishing whole neighborhoods for the sake of “progress”.

In lighter and greasier news, I had a delicious $4.99 chile relleno lunch, amd discovered there is a company that will pick up your dog’s shit for you.


It was pretty hot this week with solid 109-110 days. By Friday this Hyundai had had enough and self immolated.


Our air quality was in the shitter this week. My sinuses hated me, but we were treated to some killer sunsets.


Until next time, stay sweaty.