This week sucks.

Yesterday I blew a tire

Today I’m late due to traffic and parking issues.

And my car is being weird again.

It’s burning oil. Replaced the PCV valve (stuck open) and same thing. There’s a second breather hose (no valve) going from the valve cover to the intake BEFORE the throttle body. (see photo) The throttle plate, body, and intake manifold were covered in oil (pcv goes to bottom 1/2 of the intake manifold, not the areas I’ve seen/cleaned.) So that breather hose seems to be sucking a lot of oil from the valve cover in to the intake. I’m also finding liquid oil in that hose, the air hose, and the throttle body, as well as the old stuff. Monday I pulled the top half of the intake manifold, throttle body, air hose, and air box. Cleaned everything out. 3 cans of carb cleaner later, it’s better, runs better, burns less oil. Drive it some more and there’s still more oil. What the hell is going on?

Hose by cyl 1 and oil filler is pcv, hose at the right side is the no valve mystery hose that’s sucking oil.