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This Weekend I Fell In Love With Another, Please Don't Tell My Wife.

I was at the Edmonton Motor Show and was checking out some trucks when I came upon the Ram 2500 Power Wagon. I always thought these were just a Ram with a mild lift but BOY was I wrong.

Here is what comes standard on it:

-Front and Rear Lockers

-Electronic swaybar disconnect

-2"lift over standard truck

-Bilstein Shocks

-Totally redesigned suspension called “Articulink” (allows for way more flex than standard truck)


-33" Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs

-17" alloy wheels (SLT Ram gets chrome clad steel wheels)

- Much larger and stronger axles than standard 2500 Ram

-12,000lbs Warn winch

-Full Skid Plates

-4.10 gears

-HID Headlights

-Fog Lights

All this for $51,395!!! What an AMAZING value. Don’t get me wrong 50+k is a lot of cash but when you think that this is only $2850.00 more than a 6.4L equipped SLT which has absolutely NONE of these features it’s a fucking bargain. The amount of upgrades you get for $2850 is a fucking joke. The winch alone would cost you $2100 if you were to buy it on it’s own.

Don’t believe me have a look for yourself. please note these are net pricing including Freight and PDI.

Ram 2500 SLT


Ram 2500 Power Wagon


I’m not a huge fan of the graphics and chrome on the 2016 but luckily the 2017 model looks 1000% better. Good thing that I’m broke and can afford to wait.

Here is the 2017 Model for comparison.


The 2017 Ram Power Wagon has officially became my Holy grail dream truck.


Even my little guy loved it.

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