so my GF and I had been tossing about the idea of getting some form of a trailer camper, and she was getting set on an Airstream she could gut and redo. finding a 1973 31footer in Albuquerque for cheap fit the bill for her. SO we load up the dog into her Tundra and set off for the 9 hour drive.

Craigslist seller super helpful with mounting a new tire before we arrived, and didn’t murder us. After a fair night rest in a hotel, loaded her up and set off for a drive home through SW Colorado, one of the most beautiful locales on Earth.


as night approached, we realized the hotwired trailer didn’t have working running lights, so a quick stop in Walmart, at a local peace officers “suggestion” yielded a very OPPO fix- battery LED light, red reflector strapped over with clear packing tape and baling wire to the bumper.

Both her truck and trailer made the long haul pretty damn well, considering all the trailer roadside horror stories in “working condition” i’ve seen and heard. Now for some sweet, sweet vintage trailer restoration.

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