So it was half off at the local Pick ‘n’ Pull junkyard, even admission was half off! I of course went scrounging and here’s what I got, along strange looks for carrying a 90 lb. toolbox in one hand, and a 30lb. one in the other, my 1/4” battery impact in one pocket, and my bit set in the other. But hey, I had all the tools I needed. And because the car I wanted to work on was right over the rust filled, chemical ridden stream was running had formed from the rain, I always bring a spare cargo liner to lay on.

So, I don’t know why the above picture won’t load vertically, if anyone knows what’s going on, let me know.

As I was pulling the seat out of the Chrysler Conquest, I couldn’t help but notice the very 80’s seatbelts, so I nabbed them. I’m not entirely sure what I am going to use them for, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. They were just cool to pass up. Also, anyone who thinks that a lawnmower pull start return spring is violent when it pops out, should see a seatbelt return spring let go. That is apparently what happens when you take off the thing that says, “Caution, do not remove”.


Here is a rusty shifter that I pulled out of a 2005 Legacy, that I am hopeful will fit into my 2000 Impreza. While it is rusty, it has very tight bushings. Subaru only made very minor changes to the 5 speed shifter over the years, but if anyone knows for sure if this swap is doable, let me know.

Turbo seatbelts! Again, out of a Chrysler Conquest TSi! Not sure what I am going to use them for, but I’ll think of something.


And here is the gem of the day, the purchase that made guys jealous, and my girlfriend pissed off. The passenger seat out of said Conquest TSi, which is destined to become a gaming chair. It is fully intact with tilting headrest, bolster adjustment, and seatback tilt. Going to have a gaming chair that is going to be cooler than this guy's office chair.