I'm not sure what I was thinking when I took this car. They offered me a brand new Fusion, but I guess I thought a small CUV would be fun. I was wrong.

This car is boring to look at, boring to drive, and an overall disappointment. It features a CVT transmission. I'm no CVT hater and I've heard that Nissan's CVT is pretty good, but I cannot agree. It feels like your driving through sludge. It has a wishy-washy character that is almost unsettling. I'm not going to waste a lot more time. This is not a car for an enthusiast. One thing I did get to experience was a flat tire. It is my first flat on a rental in over 20 years.


About that Jelly Donut. I would much rather have had one, or maybe a trendy Cronut. As donuts go this one wasn't too horrible, though I made a beeline for the airport and just turned the car in. I'd had quite enough of the Rogue.

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