After all the advice I got this past weekend, I did a little more work on trying to get the fuel pump working. I added an inline fuse for it near the pump, and tested to verify the pump is still working with an external power source. I spliced the fuel pump wire directly to the R/B wire that comes from the INT terminal on the ignition cylinder. Still no power to the pump with the key in the run or start positions.

The steps I’m planning to try from here on out:

1) Disconnect battery, disconnect R/B wire from INT terminal, check condition to see if it’s frayed or broken in any way. If wire is problem, I’ll catch it here.


2) Plug in battery, Use a test light to see if there’s 12V at that terminal at the Run position. If no— then the ignition cylinder is bad, and this is out of my realm... then jump to 5; may as well take it to a professional who can get the ignition cylinder wired up right. If yes to the 12V; then...

4) Run a brand new wire from the INT terminal and test... if that fails

5a) May as well try running a line directly from the battery in a controlled setting with a spotter for any fuel/fire problems, or running it off an external power source while I crank the car to see if everything else is working other than the pump. I think the pump is the only thing not working— it’ll run off a spray of carb cleaner.

5b) *shrug* Take it to a shop :(