I'm used to flying Southwest and their 737s but I’m on Delta today with it’s booked seats. On this leg I’m in a 717-200 but booked my seat thinking behind the wing by a few rows is usually quiet. My fault for not actually looking at what plane I was flying on and booking it blindly. The plane does bring back fond memories of flying on DC-9 and MD-80 planes years ago though.

I’m also amazed in an awful way on how Delta can put less leg room in a mid-sized jet than in a regional jet. Leg one today (Cinci to Detroit) was on a canadair jet which was fairly comfortable but leg two (Detroit to St Louis) has my knees driven into the back of the seat in front of me.


I am taller than average (6' 2") but still this is going to be an uncomfortable 90 minute flight. About to pull away from the gates - see you on the other side Oppo!

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