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This Will Be One HELL of a Weekend

I work as a Live Event Operator (Master Control) for Verizon Digital Media Services out of Ashburn, VA. I, along with about 50 of my co-workers am responsible for distributing the live stream of ESPN games on the Watch ESPN app and ESPN-go. This week is the Australian Open, easily one of our busiest weeks in the year.


We are a 24 hour operation, so despite the incoming blizzard, we still have to come in to stream the games live from Australia. Verizon has rented out a hotel for us this weekend, so that we can get to and from work. My shifts this weekend are: Friday 6pm-3am, Saturday 12:30pm-8:30pm, and Sunday 2pm-9pm. The hotel has claimed that they will be running a shuttle to and from the office so that we don’t have to attempt to drive or walk in the blizzard. Basically, I will never be leaving this office. AMA/HELP.

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