I was working last night and was doing the dairy aisle of cheeses, butters and fats.

A box came in that I didn’t recognise, opened it up.

Well as you’ll know, easter is nearly here so what could it be.

Nope, your wrong.

It’s a cheese easter egg.


Yep, a cheese, easter, egg.

It’a half egg from the front of cheese and the rear half has oatcakes (five very small ones),

and a small sachet of chutney.

Oh and it’s £5 (USD$7).

I should of expected this after last christmas when we got Ilchester cheese advent calendars.



As you may see, there is even bad jokes on the back of the advent calendar door.


What cheese is made backwards? Edam.

What’s a Pirates favourite cheese? Chedd-arrrgghhh.