This would be the ideal replacement for the longbed.

A longbed, single cab, SR5, 4WD V8 Tundra.


It would double as a potential camping rig. I would love a Dolphin, but I’m trying to maximize the quality and versatility of my vehiclesand minimize the quantity. An alien concept for me, I know.

An opponaut once retorted to me upon posting yet another T100 that an extra cab pickup serves no purpose since I just bought a passenger-focused vehicle. They are not wrong. And I’ve shown time and time again how awesome and useful having a bed over 7' long can be for me someone like me. I won’t shut the door on an xtra cab T100 or access cab Tundra just yet if the perfect one comes along, but I think a single cab longbed gives it that “disposable” feels that trucks really need, to use them without worrying about a bump here or a scratch there.

I’ve been mulling older F150s, but I don’t want to go *too* old. Not sure I can make lightning strike twice. Plus I know a lot about the Tundra and have driven over half a dozen for work over the years. Comfy but utilitarian, those 1st gens were.


And no, I’m not getting rid of the longbed anytime soon, but I do like like to plan for eventualities. I’m beyond fortunate that a 37-year old tin can has been this dependable for this long.

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