Doug, I will re-suggest a Lancia Delta Integrale, but, with a twist. You buy this one from Britain. I know what you're saying, "why on earth would I buy one from across the ocean?" Well, here's the skinny, in 2015, aka 22 days from now, cars from 1990 will be legal to import into America. Just think about how many articles you can write just covering the buying, shipping, and registering process of an imported car. "But how do I know if it's a good car when I can't see it?" you're pondering. Well, Jalopnik does have a person from that island who could go check it out for you. More over, this Lancia fits every single requirement that you have.

1. Budget: £10,995 is roughly about $17,229.17 which means that you have plenty left over to get it over here and keep it running.

2. Storage: It's a tiny European hatchback so it'll fit in your tiny garage.

3. Winter: It's an AWD rally car, bruh. It'll definitely winter.

4. Resale: It'll probably sell for the same price you paid for it if not a little more because it'll be rare as fuck, yo. Rod won't even be able to resist. "did you drive your rallycar in the snow? Perfect! Here's $2,000 for having rally history!"


5. Interesting Car: Did I mention rare as fuck rally car from Lancia? You can track it, rally it, drive it, show it, embarrass Ferrari owners with it's uniqueness, and most importantly write about it. It's perfect for you.