This year just keeps on giving and giving.

So, I posted about getting rear-ended a few weeks ago. Trying to get this situation resolved is getting ridiculous. Here’s what’s happened so far.


The runaround started after I contacted The General regarding their insured. They took my information and said they would contact their insured to get his side of the story. I asked for a rental and they said they couldn’t help until they talked to their insured and he accepted responsibility or they got their hands on a police report. Yeah, you can guess what happened next. They couldn’t reach their insured.

A week passed and the police report was posted. The State of Louisiana does a good job with these. Once a report is ready, it can be downloaded immediately after paying a small fee. I contacted The General and let them know it was available. They said they couldn’t find it. I provided a link and took screen shots as I walked through the ordering process. They said they put in an order. Wait, what? For some reason, they can’t download the file. They must wait 4-6 weeks for a hard-copy to be delivered to them. But if I happen to have a copy, they are happy to accept it.

So I sent them a copy.

That should get the ball rolling! The report clearly states their insured is at fault. It states that he received a citation for following too close. It states that he hit me from behind!


But no!!! The General has to wait 10 days from the time their insured receives a certified letter asking for his response to the claim. If he doesn’t respond, then they will agree to pay. But if he contests it, then it may take months to get this claim settled.

So, I did what I really didn’t want to do. I had to file a claim with my own insurance company. Now I have to fight with them about getting the right size rental while they fight it out with The General.


How much damage is it, you ask? The initial assessment was $3,800. The body shop opened it up and stopped writing after identifying an additional $8,000 in damage. They said that they would need to cut out the floor pan from in front of the middle seats to the back bumper, realign both sides, and then weld in a new floor pan. Then they would be able to address the wrinkled quarter panel, replace the hatch, and replace the bumper, etc. Oh, and that estimate doesn’t include the malfunctioning rear wiper, backup camera, backup sensors, and blind spot sensors.


Yeah, we’re looking at a new car.

If you happen to talk to Shaq, tell him The General sucks.

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