This/yesterday morning I realized

I don’t think I’d ever actually seen a Countach in person... until C&C yesterday.


Also saw this Acura that was so well done that I could almost forgive the wheels/stance... almost.


The sponsor of the C&C was the local Hyundai/Genesis dealership, who brought out a couple cars. I’m completely won over by the G70 at this point. However, during a conversation with Jayhawk Jake about how I thought the Veloster is still ugly a salesman goes “oh you don’t like how it looks?”, at which point I launched into a small tirade about how it’s an asymmetric dumpster fire that should be replaced by the i30N.

I don’t think the salesman was expecting me to nonchalantly call his product literal garbage to his face.


Car shows make me progressively angrier and angrier until I inevitably launch into a torq thrust/tire letter/stance/shitty graphics/halo headlight/MOPAR bumper protector fueled rant about how much I despise so much of car culture, or at least the complete lack of taste the people who show up to car shows have.

Anyway... that Countach was sweet, and there was a white first gen Lighting parked down the row from it that was nice too.

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