I was recently complaining to my wife about how I have trouble using wired earbuds while cleaning and washing the car. I’m constantly alternating between squatting and standing which means that I’ll frequently end up looping the cord around my knee and then rip the earbuds out when I stand up.

She got me these Anker Slim Buds and I am thoroughly impressed after ~3 hours of use. I cleaned the car inside and out yesterday and really enjoyed being able to listen to music without catching a cord on anything.

Everything you get out of the box. Multiple bud sizes, a USB charging cable, clip, and a nice little carrying pouch.

Pairing is a snap, the sound quality is great, and they’re very comfortable. On top of that, they snap together magnetically when not in use so they can hang around your neck and not fall off.

All this for $26 on Amazon. Highly recommend.

Magnets. How do they work?