Car spotting in TWD has always been fun. A good way to exercise your “name that car” skills. Watching the season 8 teaser I laughed when I saw this Integra. A four door DA p, in 90s sea foam green, with some sweeet Riyumz.I’ve always had a soft spot for that color.The car looses solid too, I’d totally rescue this thing, even in a post apocalyptic setting.

I also noticed this cool El Dorado.

Oh and noticed this flipped, burnt 90s Blazer is somehow missing it’s drive shaft.

The funniest part is, I just finished season 7, and today I was thinking “that show is so fake, for one all the gas would have gone bad in the 2-4 years that have gone by now, and they haven’t shown anyone going to find gas in like 3 seasons.” And then the preview of the next season is Carol going to find some gas.


Also carol is off on his own, looking for gas, which probably means some bad shit went down and he got separated from the group and had to run from Negan...