Totally true.

Arrange to have two cars shipped a month in advance with a flexible ship date.

Call up earlier this week to give them a firm ship by date and that I can ship with 24 hours notice.


I had to leave a message because nobody answered Monday or Tuesday.

Yesterday I get a message that they will pick up between 7-8PM. This was at 2:30. Apparently they missed an e in my email domain the day before.

At 9PM I finally get ahold of the driver, “There is a problem, we’ll be by around in the morning around noon to pick them up.”

At 1PM “I said yesterday I told you I’d pick them up in the afternoon, I’m 40 miles away I just need to take care of a problem. I’ll give you a call when I’m on my way.”


It’s 4:30. Still no call. I’ve been sitting around for two days and putting off errands because the truck should be here. In ten days I’ll be driving cross country with our stuff, time is getting really freaking short to waste waiting around for a truck that will be here at a time that changes every time I ask.

6:30 update: he is 23 miles away.

8:20 update

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