Today really test it, being an open kitchen we really have to watch it.

We have glass doors at work. As family was leaving their 3-4 year old son. The sin did not realize the door was glass. He walked straight into it, as physics say β€œfor everything that happens there’s a equal and opposite reaction”. Physics did its job, & that kid went back. Gravity worked great, & that kid ate floor. Luckily he hit carpet matt softening the blow to ground.

His mom turned around faster then Dr.Zoidberg proclaiming his love for his Lexus. She picked him up, the dad broke out laughing. The mom gave the dad the look. Meanwhile in the kitchen don’t laugh, because we have to stay professional. It was a proper test. As soon as we get to walk in we burst out laughing.

That was the action today at work. The kid just had bump on his head, luckily no major injury.