Thou Shalt Not Covet

I was walking down my street today on my way to the Claims Kia (a name which everyone I know now uses for my car) when I passed by a new 2019 Forte in red.

“The new Forte is pretty nice” I said to myself as I walked past.

I stopped dead in my tracks. “Did that have a 6 speed manual?” I thought to myself. I backtracked and looked. Yes, yes it did.


“Huh, pretty nice. Wait....” I pressed my face to the glass using my hands to cast shadows in the interior of the car to see better in the bright sunshine.

“THE NEW LX MANUALS HAVE STANDARD AC?” I screamed on the sidewalk like a homeless person having a mental health crisis.

I rushed home to my computer and pulled up the features for the new forte. Not only do you get AC, you get heated seats/steering wheel and android auto/car play STANDARD with a 6 speed in a pretty attractive sedan for CHEAP.

How cheap you may ask? Well, remember I bought mine for $11K CAD with an MSRP of $17K CAD (roughly).


They are already starting to discount these things!


As much as I joke about the Kia, its low cost allowed me to keep the vehicles I love and have a new reliable car for work. It does its job and if it had AC and android auto, would fit my needs perfectly.

I am pretty tempted to trade up at some point. Also, I am genuinely curious, no joke, why more oppos don’t buy these? Cheap, manual, well equipped with a good warranty.

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