I know that the day is still a while away, but I am still thinking as to what I should buy as my first car. So why this early? Well I try to anticipate which cars will hit the bottom of their depreciation curve within the next two years.

The biggest issue is still my own unique taste in cars. My heart tells me to go for something big, some sort of sedan, preferably with more than four cylinders. But I am never going to get reasonable insurance on one of these. Goodbye Cosworth Scorpio, I never got to knew you. The other big thing is my personal disapproval of small hatchbacks. I try to avoid the obvious choices, you know. I am not against a reasonable choice per se, but I want it to stand out from the millions of euro hatches I see every day, may it be through its rarity or through unique and quirky engineering solutions.


Also I don’t think my body is ready for a Multipla. I have to work my way up to be worthy of its Fiatness.

Disclaimer: I am not asking you for suggestions, this is just some of my own thoughts about the subject channeled into some pixels on your monitor. Updates on my mental health may or may not follow.

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