Thought Experiment

As you all know, I own a 2015 Mustang GT, premium with performance package and a 6 speed manual.

According to NADAguides, it’s worth about $25,000 on trade with the 59,000 miles it has.

What you may not know is thanks to Lightstream, I have an unsecured loan against it. Meaning I owe them money, but I hold the title to the car. That means that if I decided to sell or trade my Mustang, I have the ability to leave that loan alone and keep paying it. It has a relatively low interest rate, the payments are comfortable enough that I pay extra each month, and I’ll have it paid off in the next couple years.


Every now and then I wonder about trading my Mustang for something else, straight across. It wouldn’t affect me at all financially as I’d just keep paying the same loan off.

Each time I consider it though I can’t come up with another car I’d want at that $25k price point.

So, Oppo, what’s the best car I could straight-trade a Mustang for?

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