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Inspections up this month so I was going over a few things.

Things I know that are wrong with it:

-Will need all 4 tires due to age

-Clunking from front end started the other week

-CEL for evaporative filter canister thingy

-ABS and Parking Brake lights stay on

-Windshield washer fluid reservoir is leaking from somewhere.

- Figure out where coolant is leaking from

-Replace a bulb

-Parking brake is ineffective

So I set upon sorting a few of these.

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Removed all the under cladding junk to try and find where coolant is leaking from. No luck. It seems to be running from front to back down the oil pan and collecting and then dripping from a crossmember. My first thought was water pump dripping down front of engine, but that was all dry. There’s some other stuff in the way so I’ll have to do more digging there.

Then I checked the front end. No torn boots or anything obvious wrong, so I just greased all the fittings. Miraculously they all took grease no problem.


The ABS/Brake light seems to be a common issue on these. Likely causes being either a bad ground or a failure in the control module. There are two grounds on the vehicle, cleaned both and put dielectric grease on them.

Next I went on to the washer fluid reservoir. The battery and tray has to come out to get it out.

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“You sonnuva!”

Of course that rusted to heck one wanted nothing to do with being easily removed. So it’s still there. The head started to disintegrate, so I just ground it off.


With the reservoir out, I filled it with water to find the leak. Nothing. There was a crack in the pump housing and the grommet was dry rotted to heck so I picked up a new one, filled the tank and all seemed well.

With everything back together I went to start it up. Hopped in, turned the key, “cough, cough, sputter, stall”.


“What in the...?”

Tried it a few more times and did the same thing each time. It would start, sputter a bit and die. Before I ripped my hair out, I went inside and had some ice cream and consulted the internet.



“Ugh. Let me try this.”

(hits unlock button on fob)

Starts right up. Stupid security measures.

After that I drove it around for a bit. Clunking is gone! But ABS and Brake light still came on.


Didn’t get to look at or do everything yesterday, but at least a few are done.

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