This happened last night, and is a story of what I consider to be an overbearing sense of self worth.

You know how in movies you see "important" people being chauffeured around in a car led, and followed by security forces all in matching vehicles?...

Well last night, as I was walking my dog, I was almost* cut off by such a sight. 3 black new Escalades surrounding a black 458 spider followed by a silver Rolls Royce Phantom.

*I say almost becasue I was about 50 feet from the intersection, the first Escalade would have made it but the rest of the party should have technically stopped for such a pedestrian, but instead they just all blew through the cross walk.


Anyways. The convoy took up two lanes and was set up as such:

Lane 1: Escalade, 458, Escalade, Phantom.

Lane 2: blank, Escalade, blank, blank

Essentially they were boxing in the 458, so the Phantom was probably empty (other than the driver).


Now there are some rather wealthy individuals in my neighborhood. Everyone from poker players who have made their millions at the tables, to NFL players, NBA and MLB too, and even a terrible magician (I'm not going to name any names, okay Mr. Angel). Oh, and how could I forget my favorite person, Flava-flave (but he lives the other way so it wasn't him).

I did not get a good look at who was driving, but if I had to make a guess, I would say it was Floydd Mayweather. He lives up the road I was crossing, and has been known to pull some extravagant stunts around the neighborhood, like the time I caught up to him and his friend driving their two Bugattis at about 5 mph around the main street of the neighborhood with about 30 women on bicycles following....

Either that or something Mafia related would be my guess. To which my response would be: Wheres my invite?