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Thoughts about work and B5 A4

The homeless person that was in all day yesterday with a bag of trash in tow did not return but his smell and the smell of garbage remains.

Some guy yesterday was very into some free citizen stuff that he read on the Internet. It hurt my ears listening to the stupidity of it all. One unique feature of these free citizen types is that they tell everyone about their dumb stuff.

I’m going to get down to business on some of my departments web design.

The parking lots that I walk through from where I park to get to work are on the whole, not so impressive and the most interesting cars are:

My Porsche 944 (yes I’m biased), a 2000s Ford Thunderbird(I think these things look classy), Mercedes C230 Kompressor hatch with a Manuel in bright red, some sort of challenger, e39 540i.


Nearby though, there is a parking lot that regularly has a Z3 coupe, a Non garage queen viper, porsche 911s, and a jaguar f type. Maybe an e36 m3 as well.

In a non work note. As many of you know my wife has been not so impressed by 3 car ownership, but my thought pattern lately is, what if it was a different third car? Specifically a B5 A4 Avant with the 2.8 and a manual. Which from what I gather is the closest thing to reliable an Audi A4 is going to get, particularly if you find a 12v, but those for all practical purposes don’t exist as far as I can tell. Nothing clean very close to us, this one looks good but is 200 miles away:

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