Oppo, in the coming months I think I will clean up and sell my beautiful 2006 Pontiac GTO

I love Lilith and I never saw myself selling her off. One of my dreams is to have a GTO Collection, but that can happen sometime down the road when I have the space and funds.Fo now I have plans that require more funds than I have time to save for, so selling her is the only option.


Some of you may remember when I got to meet Ben and his friends on their inaugural Pub2Pub Expedition and I got to drive his TVR Chimaera. Well they recently did their Eagle Rally with great success and they are already planning the next one for August 2019 and I want to go!

As a huge TVR fan and the 25 year rule I could sell my GTO, but a very very cheap Miata to daily drive here in the US and then take the car’s sale funds and pay off the balance of my loan, have my friend Ben find me a good 94 and before TVR Griffith or Chimaera to buy and drive in their rally, and then import it to the US and have a quite unique and interesting car that TBH interests me a bit more that the GTO and I can take to Radwood.

Ben’s Chimaera and a Griffith

So when the time comes I will post the GTO for sale here and elsewhere. It’ll all be nicely sorted by then and the binder of paperwork I have on this car is phenomenal. Maybe BAT would be a good place? IDK

Anyway, yes TVR!

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