Hello, all!

I need your help. I have started a spreadsheet containing the location (City & State), date, physical address, etc. of every cars and coffee event that us oppos go to on a monthly/weekly/etc. basis. This way it’s easier for people to get involved and know where to go and when to participate. Also, even though I live in Raleigh, I may want to check out another local one sometime. This would make it easier to do so.

Feel free to add/change stuff if you think improvements can be made. Here is the link just in case you guys want to add your own:


Here’s the map for all of the locations:


Or, if you want to add the details in a reply/comment, I can add it for you.

We need as much as possible of the following information:

City, State, Name (Cars & Coffee - Raleigh Grande/Katie’s Cars & Coffee/etc.), physical address, website (if applicable), and any other information necessary (there is a column for “Other”


Thanks in advance!

Also, does anyone know where a link to this spreadsheet could be stored so that it is easily accessible and not buried in the depths of kinja?