Getting a bit over the Honda these days and starting to look elsewhere. I feel like trying out a rwd platform (sorry Golf GTI, Megane Rs225 and Focus ST) . Has to be manual. I haven't been super impressed by the wrx and evos I've been in, I love my interiors too much. Still need something vaguely practical (hence no s2000) and comfy with at least 4 seats. No big cars because I simply don't have the need just yet (still 23). The brz twins just don't do it for me.

Thought about the 335i (not too much heavier) but I can't get over how douchy I would look. The e82 I think can still look stealthy in a "oh its just a baby beemer" kind of way. They are dropping into the $30k mark here downunder for a lightly used one. Obviously fuel pump issues area relevant to the n54 engine, but I have a friend who works for BMW who would help me check the car's history.

Any owner's out there care to give me their opinion? (especially if the hefty weight is noticeable? the thing weighs 140kg more than the dc5, with almost the same dimensions)