My mother has been driving a Saturn Aura 4cyl since 2009, getting it on the cheap during the “cash for clunkers” days. She frequently says that she actually MISSES her Chrysler Sebring Convertible- that I totaled while I was in college. That’s another story for another time. I like to say I was doing her a favor.

So my pops and I want to find her a new car. She wants another black convertible just like her Sebring. My dad knows a few people who own dealerships in the area, and one dealership just got a trade-in black 2010 S5 with around 55,000 miles on it.


My dad and I both want to get the car for her. It’s a black convertible just like her shitty Sebring, but it’s actually GOOD.

But I have a few concerns. I’m scared that 300+ hp is a little too much for my mom, but it’s not like she’s going to drive like a maniac, and the 4wd and nanny systems will keep her from getting into trouble if she mashes the gas. So I don’t think she’d be overwhelmed by the power. And she drives like a rational human being, so I think it’s ok that she’ll be have more power than she needs.

But I’m also concerned about the reliability (duh). Anyone have any thoughts or experiences regarding this generation S5? Any quirks with the V6T in there? I know that it’ll need a big overhaul around 100k with the timing chain and tensioners and stuff, but that’s about all I know about Audi engines.