Fairly sure the gearstick neutral position sensor is borked on the Navara, makes the cruise control annoyingly unreliable.

Lorries pulling out ahead of me to overtake piss me the fuck off.

I could go for a good burger.

Seems like a considerable number of Eastern European lorries are a bit iffy on the compulsory 90 kph speed limiter, I’ve seen them sit at around 100 kph multiple times.

Am I going to have to resort to threats of violence to get my ultrasonography procedure out of that one doctor today? It’s holding up the whole diagnostics section.

Regarding breakfast, should I get something from the sandwich lady at work or visit the supermarket next door?


This skincare product commercial on the radio with cricket noises in the background drives me up the wall.

The Navara feels quite powerful, but acceleration is disappointing.

I really fancy a cup of tea. Mmmm, tea.

This thing holds on to twisty off-ramps much better than it has any right to. I’m impressed.


I’m hungry.

Damn, 5 minutes late. Good thing nobody here gives a rat’s arse.