-Porsche can suck my knob, Jaguar-Land Rover is where it's at. They actually let me sit in their cars (the SVR and the F-Type are both wonderfully awesome) unlike you bastards who keep things under lock and key.

-The Buick Encore, as much as my mother wants one, seems like a crap place to be.


-On the subject of the Corvette:

Dad: "It says it starts at sixty-five."

Me: "The price, or how old you have to be to get one?"

-Both turn to look and see piles of greying men attempting to get into it

Dad: "Both."

-The blue that they use on all the Ford concepts they use is beautiful in person, and it's a shame that they don't actually offer it.

-The AMG GT is cool, but as my dad remarked, "you have to dislocate your arm to use the damn shifter".

-The E63 AMG wagon is everything I want and need in my life, price be damned

-Mazdas are nice.

-It is impossible to attempt to explain the naming system of BMWs to a fifty year old man. He just doesn't get it. And neither do I.


-The Acura booth didn't have the NSX, making them irrelevant (much like Mitsubishi).

-My heart remains broken after finding out that the Peel P50 was broken. At least they still let me in it.


Overall, the auto show was pretty fun. It just serves to remind me that there are a lot of nice things that I will never be able to afford.