This is my 2014 Mercedes CLA250:

It's a beautiful car and drives great. It's got 208HP and 258 Ft-Lbs of torque. In my opinion, plenty of power. Some say it is underpowered, but here in the US, how much power do you need? It has a top speed of 143 mph. Higher than any posted speed limit.

I find it's torque is more than adequate in the get up and go department. I press the accelerator and it goes. Really fast. So fast that sometimes I find myself going faster than advisable. Mind you, I don't live in Montana or North Texas where there are roads that are flat and straight and you don't see a car for miles. I live in the Boston area. Off of a ring road interstate that doesn't go straight for more than a quarter of a mile at a time. There are police everywhere and you speed at your own risk as I found out merging from one interstate to another getting a ticket for going 71 in a 45.

As an auto enthusiast, I am always thinking about the next car. No matter how much I like a car, I am always thinking about what's next. I like this car so much, that I would probably get another one at lease end. Perhaps a different color or different options or maybe a CLA45 AMG! Here's my problem. With 355HP and 358 Lb-Ft of torque, am I crazy to buy a car that will almost certainly get me in trouble? Big trouble. I'm interested to hear peoples answer to the question, "Is there ever too much power in a car?"