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Thoughts on a 1979 Dodge Colt

Earlier this week, I went to a co-worker's house who has an AWESOME man cave pole barn with a two post lift. He's getting ready to build a 70s Olds Cutlass (not sure on the exact year) after he builds a new office desk for his wife (such manly, many saws, wow!).

Anyway, he has an old 1979 Dodge Colt that's in pretty decent shape for sitting outside the last 5 years. There's some rust spots (inside trunk and a hole starting in the outer door panel), but overall it's a nice looking car. I told him I thought it might wet someone's whistle and give his Cutlass fund a slight bump. What are the thoughts on a NP for it? He's positive he can get it running in a day, back seat it ratty and it needs a wash, but other than that it looks like a nice little project/driver with minimal work.


No SR20, however I can get pics tonight when I head over to do the u-joints and carrier bearing in Aces.

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