Thoughts on a Passat

My stepdad sold his diesel touareg not that long ago, and in it’s place came this:

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A 2016 VW passat SE 1.8 with the tech pack. After owning it for about 6 months, i finally got to drive it. Here are my conclusions:

-why would anyone NOT tune one of these? Ours has an APR stage 1 tune, and it drives better than my stepbrothers stock mk7 GTI! it accelerates very quickly for what it is.


-quiet. You can hear your hairs growing in it. Sure, it’s not an S-class, but very refined

-needs better suspension. It’s too softly sprung to be sporty. It is damn comfy though.


Overall, it’s a great car. Ours has some 240hp and 290ft-lbs on tap, so it REALLY scoots nicely!

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