Thoughts on Amazon Key?

Curious if you would use the service.


(edit) stressful day, and I’m rambling. Need a drink asap. Preemptive TL:DR - does strangers in your home scare you, assuming you set it up?

While at work, a client had FOX news on, and Amazon Key was a big discussion point. Everyone seemed to be very against the whole idea, and shocked that such a business model would even be proposed by a major company. They closed by saying that Millennials are the only way this could have a chance of succeeding, because Millennials are already sharing everything via social media, etc. So letting strangers into the home isn’t a big deal to them. Just another form of “sharing”.

Millennials seems to be the new catch-all phrase to blame for all of everybody’s problems, ever, and it’s gotten to the point that I generally just tune out anyone who says the M-word, especially when linked with... *shudder* social media, but.... Maybe they have a point?

I’ll be completely honest, the thought of having delivery drivers open my door and place packages inside doesn’t bother me in the slightest. That sounds fantastic. Besides groceries, almost everything I buy is online. With more expensive items especially, I’d love to know that they’re not just sitting on my doorstep in plain sight. The $250 price for the service (along with a camera) is the only thing that would keep me away.


Much like how FOX—and most other publications who’ve brought this up—can’t believe why anyone would agree to such a “crazy” plan, I’m confused as to what everyone is freaking out about. People inside of your home when you’re not there.... Happens quite often. I probably have about 30 new clients a month who leave me a garage code, key under the mat, etc. To get in and do work while they’re not home. Counting repeat customers, I’d say a good third of my clients prefer to have work done when they’re not home. Go in, wash windows, leave bill, exit house, lock up, place key back under the mat. Boom. Simple.

That’s thousands of different homes in a small area, and large enough of a sample size for me to wonder why this package delivery method is getting so much pushback. One of my clients today was watching the FOX piece and seemed shocked at the idea of letting Amazon workers into her home. First time scheduling my company...? Yeah. She left us a key.


Do people actually think these delivery drivers are going to walk inside, and steal/break everything in sight? Honestly?

I don’t get it Oppo. Am I just jaded from working in a specific industry? Just a weird Millennial who thinks differently than other generations? Too trusting of strangers?


Would you use this service?

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