Thoughts on car shopping

It occured to me that searching for a Cruze replacement is really kind of a surreal experience. I think this is why:

  1. I’m not in extremis - most of the cars I’ve purchased in my life have been in a hurry because I needed a car because my previous one was wrecked or something. That means I ususally had a week, or however long insurance would pay for a rental.
  2. I have a decent amount of money. While I’ve never done a 96 month loan with zero down at a “buy here pay here” place, my financial approach to cars has not always been completely sound. I’m in a much better position this time around. It’s a comforting feeling.
  3. I’m an adult.... ish. I am at a very stable (genius) point in my life - no more moving around with the military, steady income, house, wife, etc.

The flip side to this is that option paralysis is real! Having lots of time to think about new cars means I come up with crazy ideas like this:

My dad had a 69 Z/28 that was marina blue with white stripes. I really like this current electric blue, or whatever it’s called. Then again, my bedroom wall poster car as a kid was a bright red 3rd Gen IROC-Z.


I just know I need some color in my life, I’m tired of cars that are shades of grey (aside from my WRX all my cars have been white, grey, silver, or black).

Also, I drove a 4 cylinder turbo version last year and it was nice, but I’m in the position now that screw it, I want a V8. And a stick.


I’ve got some other car ideas in my head (ATS 2.0 Turbo, ATS-V, C5 Z06, C6 Z06, Toyobaru, WRX STi, Golf R, E90 BMW), but this is the one that’s lighting a fire in my pants at the moment.

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