As I mentioned earlier, I drove the Mini to work this morning. I now have some highway obersrvations. 44HP and 58 lb-ft of torque do just fine on the interstate. 70 MPH was 3800 RPM and it wasn’t too rough or buzzy.

Modern cars are a spoil of power. In the Mini hills are a thing. Smooth grades on the interstate took a bit of forthought. Passing takes some consideration as well. Those hamsters take a minute to spin up. Once it warms up it is a dream.

The handling of the car is lovely. Ride is a bit firm, steering is tight and all that is great. The low beam headlights are crap. I drove the whole way in with the high beams lit. No one seemed to care.

I still need to get the carb properly tuned. It runs great at speed, but low speed stuff isn’t good unless you run it up to 3k or so. That makes stop and go traffic kind of horrible. Oil pressure was rock steady and temps never got past N.

I was in traffic rolling at about 45 mph and look at the car next to me and the driver was taking my picture. I guess that is part of why one buys a car like this. That and the fact that you can park it almost anywhere.


All of this makes me happy.